Reading with Sue Kovacs (60 minutes)
Readings help to give insight and allow new stories to emerge.  They help raise your level of awareness and give you more choices. Often in life you can feel stuck, blocked or unsure of yourself and the path you’re on so you need a little clarity and reassurance to help you along. Readings can help remove blocks, bring healing or closure, help you make clear decisions and shed light on your path where needed.

I will deliver information to assist you in different areas of your life (such as career, relationships & health) and helpful tools to find clarity, empower you and free you from limiting beliefs and patterns. In our session together, I will give you techniques to deepen your spiritual practice and reconnect you with the Earth in order to help you heal. I will help you get beyond stubborn blocks and unwind old patterns or beliefs that keep you from living fully in your soul.

Together we’ll find meaningful solutions that work to keep you healthy, inspired and living your dreams.
With much peace + love + light!

with much peace + love + light!
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